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When you have a fever, congestion, aches, and pains, or you’re suffering from other symptoms caused by the common cold and flu, you can’t get relief fast enough. The skilled physicians at C+Y Medical PC in Brooklyn, New York, offer treatment for respiratory conditions brought on by cold and flu viruses. Call C+Y Medical or schedule an appointment online today to ease your cold or flu symptoms so you can get back to your normal routine. After-hours appointments are available as well.

Common Cold and Flu Q & A

What is the difference between a common cold and the flu?

While the common cold and flu are both respiratory illnesses affecting your lungs, throat, and nose, they aren’t caused by the same virus.

A common cold is also known as acute viral rhinopharyngitis and acute coryza. Rhinoviruses or coronaviruses typically cause this type of infection. With over 200 viruses that can cause a cold, they are incredibly common and contagious.

The flu, or influenza, is caused by influenza viruses. These contagious viruses are constantly changing, so you can develop the flu even if you’ve had it before. While there are flu vaccinations, they don’t guarantee that you won’t contract the virus, but it can help reduce your risk of infection, or lessen its severity if you do get the flu.

While the cold and flu have similar symptoms, the flu is usually worse. Influenza isn’t the same thing as the stomach flu that causes vomiting and diarrhea.

Your doctor can usually diagnose the flu using a special test within the first few days of your illness.

What are symptoms of a common cold or the flu?

The common cold and flu share several symptoms, such as sneezing, sore throat, and runny nose. However, flu symptoms typically strike suddenly and are more severe than cold symptoms, which come on gradually.

Additional cold and flu symptoms include:

  • Cough
  • Headache
  • Weakness and fatigue
  • Fever, chills, or sweats
  • Body or muscle aches

The flu can be dangerous for some individuals, so contact your doctor at C+Y Medical PC to discuss your condition.

Who is at risk of developing health complications from the flu?

Some groups of people have potential health risks that can make them vulnerable to flu symptoms, including:

  • Pregnant or newly postpartum women
  • Adults over age 65
  • Children under 5 years of age
  • Individuals with weakened immune systems
  • Long-term care or nursing home residents

People with chronic illnesses like kidney disease, diabetes, heart disease, and asthma are also at higher risk of health complications due to the flu.

How is the common cold and flu treated?

Many common colds and flu symptoms can be treated at home, but taking antiviral drugs early in a flu diagnosis can help shorten your illness and prevent serious complications.

Some colds infections can develop into bacterial infections like ear infections, sinusitis, and strep throat. If bacterial infections occur, antibiotics might be necessary to treat your condition.

Call C+Y Medical PC or schedule an appointment online today; after-hours appointments are available.

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